Admission policy

1. The Principal admits children only after they are selected by a selection Committee consisting of three members constituted by the Correspondent.

2. The L.K.G admissions are decided by the Selection Committee after meeting the parents and the child as and when the dates are announced by the Committee.

3. No child can be selected for admission by the Principal alone

4. Admissions to the classes other than L.K.G. are decided by the Selection Committee in the beginning of the academic year as per the availability of vacancies.

5. No recommendations are entertained.


A month's notice is required before a boy / girl to withdraw from the school, failing which a month's fee must be paid. Those who leave in April must pay the fees for May also.

Notice of leaving the school must be given before the beginning of the holidays, or else fees for the first month of the following term will have to be paid.