Workshop Conducted By Dr Namoora:

Little Flower High School in association with Learning System Japan conducted a Stem Robotics workshop in Little Flower High School on 3rd Nov 2015.
Dr. Namoora is a professor from Saitama University Japan who has conducted this workshop.

Indian Robo Cup Junior:

Robo CupJunior (RCJ) is one of the best International competitions. It is a division of Robocop organization ( It focuses on education and aims to introduce the larger goals of the RoboCup project (creating robots) to primary and secondary school children (technically up to age 19). RCJ organizes 3 types of competitions namely: Rescue, On stage (Formerly Dance) and Soccer.
Robo Cup Junior 2016 South Zone

Rcj Rescue

South Zone competition in India was held in Little Flower High School, Chirag Ali Lane, Abids, Hyderabad on 19th November 2016 The competition's mission is to locate natural disaster victims from a building, where the rescue personnel in place need robotic assistance in dangerous areas.

The Robot has to be fully autonomous and carry out the mission with no help. This means that it must handle rough terrain (speed bumps) without getting stuck and claiming ramps. When the robot finally finds the victim then it has to carefully transport it to a safe area where humans can take over. Following teams took part in the Robo Cup Junior Rescue and On Stage South Zone competition

1     Indus International School
2     Little Flower High School
3     Blooming Buds High School
4     Sri Chaitanya School
5     Pop Brains Institute

RCJ Rescue
Position (Ranked)   School Name
1          Indus International School
2          Little Flower High School
3          Blooming Buds High School

A Dance performance means that one or more robots and humans come together to create a performance. RoboCupJunior Dance allows the team to present creative stage performance using autonomous robots that the team have designed, built and programmed. The Dance challenge is intended to be open-ended. This includes a whole range of possible performances, for example dance, storytelling, theatre or an art installation. The performances may include music but this is optional. Teams are encouraged to be as creative, innovative and as entertaining as possible.

1       Little Flower High School
2       Blooming Buds High School

RCJ On Stage
Position       School Name

1          Little Flower High School
2          Blooming Buds High School
3          Little Flower High School

RCJ Nationals competition in India was held in Army Public School, K.Kamaraj Road, Bangalore on 14-15th January 2017

RCJ Rescue Primary Winner Team 2016-17
Position        Team

1          Robo X
2          Iron Technics
3          Baldwin Coed

RCJ Rescue Secondary Winner Team 2016-17
Position        Team

1          Forever EV3
2          ODMR
3          Order of Physics

RCJ Onstage Winner Team 2016-17
Position       Team

1          Baldwin Boys
2          Seva Bharath Trust
3          Little Flower High School

Robo cup Junior 2017-18
South Zone competition in India was held in Little Flower High School, Chirag Ali Lane, Abids, Hyderabad on Dec 1ST 2017.

Winner/ Teams selected for the National levels.

On stage:
1 st Place:          Little Flower High School
2nd Place:         Little Flower High School. 3rd Place:          Abhaya School.


1st Place:          Little Flower High School.
2nd Place:          Little Flower High School.
3rd Place:          TIX Robotics.

RoboCup Junior Nationals 2017-18

RCJ Nationals competition in India was held in Army Public School, K.Kamaraj Road, Bangalore on January 27 and 27.
Students from Little Flower High School got 1 st and 2nd Place in Onstage category and got selected for International.
Indian Robo Cup Junior 2017-18 � Onstage Top 10 Teams
Team No.     Team Name       School Name          Position
8          AJ Rockers        Little Flower High School, Hyd          1
1          The Braines        Little Flower High School, Hyd          2
11          Lego Boys        BGS Chikkabalapur               3
5          APS-1           Army Public School, Bangalore         4
10          Dhandiya         Army Public School, Bangalore         5
3          Chill City Angels      BGS Chikkabalapur              6
9          Abhaya School      Abhaya School, Hyd              7
4          St.Johns School      St.Johns School, Bangalore           8
7          Matane Robots      BAL Bharathi Public School, Noida        9
2          Tech Guy         DPS sonepat, Delhi               10

Summer Camp

Little flower school in association with LS CREATIVE LERANING PVT LTD. Conducted Summer camp in 2017 for ten days from April 24th to May 6th for the students of Little flower school and for the other school students.

The Robotics Journey at Little Flower High School

The Robotics Laboratory was set up and the STEM Robotics Programme was initiated in collaboration with the Japanese. Classes are held for students of Class I to Class VIII with a minimal fee of Rs. 2000/- for the higher classes and Rs. 1000/- for the lower classes. Summer Camps and workshops were held regularly to explore and motivate students to participate in this programme. Demonstration by our robotics students during the school assemblies has enabled a growing interest in this field. In the Zonal Level, Robo Cup Competitions our students came out in flying colours bagging the I prize in the "On Stage Category" in the areas of Best Skill, Best Technical Skills, Overall Best Performance and being Creative and Innovative.

Mission Mars by Little Flower School Students _ Selected for International Level Competition _Canada