Social Studies Club is a hub of activities for Classes V to X. the club is divided into three categories, Juniors, Pre-Seniors and Seniors. The club plans weekly activities.

The objective of the club is to develop civic sense to become responsible and worthy citizens. Apart from enhancing their academic standards it stirs the students curiosity and makes them reflect on many contemporary issues. The social Studies Club provides opportunities for learning and self expression to questioning It also aims inculcating democratic values and hone the skills of students to be free thinking, futuristic individuals.

A number of activities like conducting assembly elections, mock parliament, field trips, map dreaming and map reading activities slogan writing competition, poster making competition, Haritha Haram, celebration of national festivals, traffic awareness, volunteers conduct special assemblies to sensitize students on topics of global congress like gender equality, global warming, sustainable development. Enacting senses from the channels of history, freedom struggle presentation are made during assemblies. Students perform Mime, street plays to bring about awareness on various social issues. Many guests are also invited as resource persons to address the club members.