In order to equip our students with creative and out of the box thinking, we encouraged them to showcase their talents in designing space settlements. Some of our students took the initiative to participate in the Asian Level Regional Space Settlement Design Competition.

In the year 2005, two of our students, Master Rithvik Ramdas and master Abhinav Ram were selected to participate in this competition at the Asian Level held at Chandigargh and were later selected to participate in the International Finals at NASA. They were declared Runners Up.

Since then, our students have regularly participated in this competition and in the year 2009 a team of 12 students were winners at the Asian Level.

In the year 2017, 12 students were the winners of the Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition held at Gurgaon, Delhi. They represented the continent at the International Level at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, U.S.A. in July 2017 and were declared Runners Up.