The Biology Club aims at developing an interest among students for the subject and to make them aware of its significance in understanding life and living organisms, their physical structure, chemical composition, function and evolution.

The students of the club are involved in manifold activities, some of which are listed below:

Making models and charts

Collecting plants (twigs) flowers, leaves and making a herbarium

Using dried and pressed leaves and flowers creatively to make greeting cards.

Improving their knowledge by participating and conducting quizzers

Making collages on different topics in Biology


Biology Laboratory is a resource site for Biology Science teachers and students. It is well equipped with traditional as well as latest technological devices, specimens, slides, models and charts. It is a place where different types of experiments and activities concerning all the disciplines of life sciences takes place. Therefore, our biology laboratory has a comprehensive range of latest lab equipments and other facilities where students can work comfortably with maximum interest pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge.