Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort

Our Founder

Born on 31st January 1673, Louis Mary Grignion, popularly known as Montfort, grew to be a prophet of his times. He saw God in the poor and gave his life for their cause. In him welled up a constant spring of love, courage, self-surrendering service and commitment for the cause of the poor and the downtrodden. The source of this unending spring was God always. He died on 28th April 1716, but his spirit lives on today in the Congregation of Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel, Priests of the Company of Mary, Daughters of Wisdom and the numerous Montfortian Associates. Though the Montfortian society was founded in the 18th century, it is only in 1903 that the Brothers came to India. Today they work in over 200 educational, social and cultural establishments throughout the country.

The activities of the Brothers of St.Gabriel in India are as multifarious as the needs of the country. They can be found in schools, technical institutes and colleges of higher learning, in institutes of Special Education and rehabilitation of the blind and deaf, in care for the aged, disabled and orphaned, in youth organizations, in the urban slums and remote tribal villages, and in movements for civil rights and communal amity.

All those inspired by the Montfortian spirit are a part of the large Montfortian family.