General Knowledge and Quiz Club enhances the knowledge of students to the greatest heights in umpteen number of fields.

The members from Classes V to X read books on Sports, Nature, History, Geography, Literature and so on.

The Digital Library a helpful source for more information is very challenging to answer the questions on a variety of subjects. Students and Teachers conduct Quiz Competitions every week.

Students represent the school for competitions at various levels – City, District, State, National and International.

Students have won prizes in Bournvita, Sports, Limca Book of World Records, Australian Chemistry Quiz and in many more competitions.

We were also the All Asia Champion of Champions Quiz Competition.

A student also won Rs. 10,00,000/- in the Aqua Regia Quiz

Students who were the members of the club are studying at Harvard University and prestigious world Universities


External Competitions have helped the students to speak in public with confidence. External Competitions have a special place in the history of Little Flower High School

Students are encouraged to take part in nearly all the external competitions

Students take part in Literary, Cultural and Sports Competitions

Students are trained and guided by the teachers and parents before they go for the competition

Students have participated at the City, District, State, national and International levels.

They won laurels for the themselves and for the school

The biggest prize ever received is Rs. 10,00,000/- by an individual student.