Mathematics is not about no’s, eqn’s, computations or algotherm, it is about understanding

We are proud to announce that we have inaugurated Maths Club in the academic year 2017 – 2018 to enhance the Mathematics skills in our students

The activities in the Maths Club home brought great enthusiasm among the students.

They exhibited their talents in a unique way which developed the basics of mathematics even in slow learners. Students were encouraged to work on critical thinking by practicing mental maths.

They presented charts and models on difficult topics like trigonometry, algebra, eidentities, surface areas of 3D figures which made them confident learners.

To inculcate the competitive spirit in the students the maths department conducted competitions on Natinal Maths day in memory of Sri Ramanujan, a famous mathematician. We had competitions for various groups in power point presentation, poster making concept explanation and quiz, the competitions were conducted both for individuals and as a team. This event helped the students to inculcate team work in a positive way.

We could see mathematicians in the making while they were presenting their topics to the audience which made them score the best marks in the examinations.

The maths department plans to conduct activities for the next academic year

Our only thought is a child should not have fear for maths, but be confident of the subject which will help him in doing well in other areas too. Students participated in all maths activities with zeal and dedication which make the concepts interesting and clear.

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.